Mar 2023: New EP ‘Af Purim’ out now!
Find it here.

Jan 2023: We released a whole crop of singles, 2019-2022 – now all in one compilation!
Check em ‘out!

Nov 2022: New single collab with Rumi Kitchen, “Cosmic Freak” out on GIVING GROOVE and streaming across the universe. COSMIC FREAK SINGLE

COSMIC FREAK official video HERE.

October 27, 2020 – new single “Amerika the Grave” out NOW from The Giving Groove!
Check out the video for “Amerika” HERE.

May 1, 2020, single “Izagarica” on Fly Bottle Records. Our musical tribute to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens! LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD HERE.

Click here to check out the Oct. 2019 release, “Pole Grease”.

“TOUR DE FILLI” is our latest studio album. DOWNLOAD YOUR VERY OWN COPY HERE.

WPO albums “Live at Tritone” and “WPO” are now available for streaming and download from Fly Bottle Records!

Tour de Filli


Tour de Filli features 10 original compositions that are inspired by Balkan brass traditions and thoroughly infused with the jazz, grit and soul of Philadelphia. As powerful on the dance floor as it is fit for headphones, the album’s 11 tracks match gut-punching beats, whirling, virtuosic horns, and soaring vocals with thoughtful, kaleidoscopic arrangements that merit repeated close listenings.

Live at Tritone

Live at Tritone coverWest Philadelphia Orchestra developed its sound by playing monthly gigs at the legendary Tritone Bar on South St. Always more chaos than concert, more of a party than a performance, this live album captures the band in January 2012, just months before Tritone closed its doors.


WPO album cover artRecorded in 2008, WPO was the band’s first studio record. Featuring strings, brass, percussion and the vocals of Jack Ohly and Janos Perge, this record includes WPO’s original line-up and catches the band at a transitional moment.