Dan Nosheny


The Swiss Army knife of WPO. Never go camping or play a gig without him.

I started playing tuba in the 7th grade after finally having recovered from a “cello trauma” in grade school.  I started playing baritone horn at summer camp when I was in 9th grade.  And I started playing accordion as soon as my parents could find me the crappiest yet playable-est accordion the flea market could offer.

After graduating from the Eastman School of Music with a BM (ha!) in tuba performance, I hit the road, playing with rock bands and traveling the United States.  I performed with the Violent Femmes as part of the Horns of Dilemma and joined the Hip Hop Orchestra Dakah in Los Angeles, among other things. I’ve had the fortune to play with such artists as Laurie Anderson, McCoy Tyner, Jim Belushi, and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

When I moved back to Philadelphia, I added my multi-instrumentalism to niche bands such as the Johnny Cash cover band Three Men and Three Women in Black, the David Bowie cover band Four Lads Insane, and an annual Rocky-Horror-Meets-Rocky-Balboa extravaganza.  Additionally I perform my own music under name Neon and Shy and rock the local Oktoberfest scene with my band Polkadelphia.

But man o nam, ever since I heard the faintest inkling that the West Philadelphia Orchestra existed, I wanted to be in on the action.  I first joined by filling in on sousaphone, then moved to the accordion, before settling for the most part as a part of the baritone section.  Performing in the West Philadelphia Orchestra gives me access to some of the most challenging and fun music I’ve had the opportunity to play.  If you think you’re having fun on the dance floor, we’re matching you “fun for fun” on the stage.