Gregg Mervine


Gregg, come back to Philly!

I grew up around Philly’s jazz and punk rock scene, and started playing drums at age 13. Come college time, I studied jazz at UArts for a few semesters and then studied philosophy, with a focus on aesthetics, at Temple University. I’ve played with the Klez Dispensers, the anti-folk band Cheese on Bread, the reggae/dancehall artist King Django, and with the punk legend Ari Up and the True Warriors.

I began playing Balkan music with NYC bands like Romashka, and in 2006 gathered together neighborhood drinking companions to form West Philadelphia Orchestra. In 2010, I moved to the rural interior of Brazil’s Northeast to study the folkloric music of the region, and soon came into contact with artists based in Joao Pessoa who combine rustic folk sounds with experimental electronics and electronic beats and bass. In Brazil, I became musical director for Sandra Belê, played with artists like Chico Corrêa e Electronic Band, Fernanda Cabral and Totonho. I currently work as a producer, remixer and DJ.