Petia Zamfirova



I was born in Bulgaria and moved to Baltimore when I was 14 years old. After the move, I continued my intensive classical piano training, throughout high school. I have made it my goal to keep in touch with my roots and culture, and one way I do that is by singing and playing with an Eastern European vocal ensemble called Svitanya. I also love to cook and share my favorite Bulgarian soul-food: banitza.

One day I was walking through West Philly, and I heard this sound coming from a window– music I hadn’t heard since I was a teenager. The sound transported me home, like I suddenly didn’t know where I was. I soon joined the (mostly instrumental) group, and we have been adding vocal repertoire steadily ever since. I have a memory that as a child I would often stand on my grandmother’s steps and sing folk songs, and I enjoy continuing that tradition in a way with WPO– except now I’m belting out songs from my homeland to a wild mass of sweaty dancers with a 14-piece band all jammed onto the same stage with me.

In my spare time these days I have been honing my skills on guitar and accordion, as well as doing a bit of songwriting.